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Recent Series
Asia Cup, 2016 24th Feb 2016
The Ashes, 2015 8th Jul 2015
World Cup Coverage 14th Feb 2015
Asia Cup, 2014 25th Feb 2014
The Ashes 2013-14 21st Nov 2013
The Ashes 2013 10th Jul 2013
Asia Cup, 2012 11th Mar 2012
The Ashes 2010-11 25th Nov 2010
Asia Cup, 2010 15th Jun 2010
The Ashes 2009 8th Jul 2009
Tri-Series in Kenya 17th Oct 2008
Asia Cup 24th Jun 2008
NatWest Series 15th Jun 2008
ICC World Twenty20 11th Sep 2007
NatWest Series 21st Aug 2007
NatWest Series 1st Jul 2007
The Wisden Trophy 17th May 2007
Afro-Asia Cup 6th Jun 2007
ICC World Cup 13th Mar 2007
The Ashes 23rd Nov 2006
ICC Tri-Series 26th Nov 2006
DLF Cup 12th Sep 2006
NatWest Challenge 30th Aug 2006
NatWest Challenge 17th Jun 2006
ICC Tri-Series 16th May 2006
DLF Cup 18th Apr 2006
VB Series 13th Jan 2006
The Ashes 21st Jul 2005
Afro-Asia Cup 17th Aug 2005
Indian Oil Cup 30th Jul 2005
NatWest Challenge 7th Jul 2005
NatWest Series 16th Jun 2005
Trans-Tasman Trophy 10th Mar 2005
VB Series 14th Jan 2005
Trans-Tasman Trophy 18th Nov 2004
Paktel Cup 30th Sep 2004
NatWest Challenge 1st Sep 2004
Videocon Cup 21st Aug 2004
The Wisden Trophy 22nd Jul 2004
Asia Cup 16th Jul 2004
NatWest Series 26th Jun 2004
The Wisden Trophy 11th Mar 2004
VB Series 9th Jan 2004
TVS Cup 23rd Oct 2003
NatWest Series 26th Jun 2003
NatWest Challenge 17th Jun 2003
Bank Alfalah Cup 10th May 2003
TVS Cup 11th Apr 2003
Sharjah Cup 3rd Apr 2003
ICC World Cup 9th Feb 2003
VB Series 13th Dec 2002
The Ashes 7th Nov 2002
Morocco Cup 12th Aug 2002
NatWest Series 27th Jun 2002
Sharjah Cup 8th Apr 2002
VB Series 11th Jan 2002
The Ashes 5th Jul 2001
Coca-Cola Cup 18th Jul 2001
Coca-Cola Cup 23rd Jun 2001
NatWest Series 7th Jun 2001
ARY Gold Cup 8th Apr 2001
Carlton Series 11th Jan 2001
Champions Trophy 20th Oct 2000
ICC KnockOut 3rd Oct 2000
The Wisden Trophy 15th Jun 2000
NatWest Series 6th Jul 2000
Asia Cup 29th May 2000
Trans-Tasman Trophy 11th Mar 2000
Coca-Cola Cup 22nd Mar 2000
Champions Trophy 13th Oct 1999
LG Cup 25th Sep 1999
DMC Trophy 16th Sep 1999
DMC Cup 11th Sep 1999
Aiwa Cup 22nd Aug 1999
ICC World Cup 14th May 1999
Coca-Cola Cup 7th Apr 1999
Pepsi Cup 19th Mar 1999
The Ashes 20th Nov 1998
Champions Trophy 6th Nov 1998
Sahara Cup 12th Sep 1998
Texaco Trophy 21st May 1998
Coca-Cola Cup 17th Apr 1998
The Wisden Trophy 29th Jan 1998
Champions Trophy 11th Dec 1997
Presidents Cup 10th Oct 1997
Sahara Cup 13th Sep 1997
The Ashes 5th Jun 1997
Asia Cup 14th Jul 1997
Independence Cup 9th May 1997
Texaco Trophy 22nd May 1997
Singer-Akai Cup 3rd Apr 1997
Champions Trophy 7th Nov 1996
Titan Cup 17th Oct 1996
Sahara Cup 16th Sep 1996
Singer World Series 26th Aug 1996
Texaco Trophy 29th Aug 1996
Texaco Trophy 23rd May 1996
Sharjah Cup 12th Apr 1996
Singer Cup 1st Apr 1996
Wills World Cup 14th Feb 1996
Champions Trophy 11th Oct 1995
The Wisden Trophy 8th Jun 1995
Texaco Trophy 24th May 1995
Asia Cup 5th Apr 1995
The Ashes 25th Nov 1994
Mandela Trophy 2nd Dec 1994
Wills World Series 23rd Oct 1994
Texaco Trophy 25th Aug 1994
Texaco Trophy 19th May 1994
The Wisden Trophy 19th Feb 1994
Trans-Tasman Trophy 12th Nov 1993
Hero Cup 7th Nov 1993
Champions Trophy 28th Oct 1993
The Ashes 3rd Jun 1993
Texaco Trophy 19th May 1993
Trans-Tasman Trophy 25th Feb 1993
Wills Trophy 1st Feb 1993
Texaco Trophy 20th May 1992
Wills Trophy 17th Oct 1991
The Wisden Trophy 6th Jun 1991
Texaco Trophy 23rd May 1991
The Ashes 23rd Nov 1990
Asia Cup 25th Dec 1990
Sharjah Cup 20th Dec 1990
Texaco Trophy 18th Jul 1990
Texaco Trophy 23rd May 1990
Austral-Asia Cup 25th Apr 1990
The Wisden Trophy 24th Feb 1990
Trans-Tasman Trophy 15th Mar 1990
Trans-Tasman Trophy 24th Nov 1989
Nehru Cup 15th Oct 1989
Champions Trophy 13th Oct 1989
The Ashes 8th Jun 1989
Texaco Trophy 25th May 1989
Sharjah Cup 23rd Mar 1989
Asia Cup 27th Oct 1988
Champions Trophy 16th Oct 1988
The Wisden Trophy 2nd Jun 1988
Texaco Trophy 19th May 1988
Sharjah Cup 25th Mar 1988
Texaco Trophy 21st May 1987
Sharjah Cup 2nd Apr 1987
The Ashes 14th Nov 1986
Champions Trophy 27th Nov 1986
Texaco Trophy 16th Jul 1986
Texaco Trophy 24th May 1986
Austral-Asia Cup 10th Apr 1986
The Wisden Trophy 21st Feb 1986
Asia Cup 30th Mar 1986
Trans-Tasman Trophy 21st Feb 1986
The Ashes 13th Jun 1985
Texaco Trophy 30th May 1985
The Wisden Trophy 14th Jun 1984
Texaco Trophy 31st May 1984
Rothmans Asia Cup 6th Apr 1984
The Ashes 12th Nov 1982
Prudential Trophy 17th Jul 1982
Prudential Trophy 2nd Jun 1982
The Ashes 18th Jun 1981
Prudential Trophy 4th Jun 1981
The Wisden Trophy 13th Feb 1981
Prudential Trophy 20th Aug 1980
The Wisden Trophy 5th Jun 1980
Prudential Trophy 28th May 1980
The Ashes 1st Dec 1978
Prudential Trophy 15th Jul 1978
Prudential Trophy 24th May 1978
The Ashes 16th Jun 1977
Prudential Trophy 2nd Jun 1977
Prudential Trophy 26th Aug 1976
The Wisden Trophy 3rd Jun 1976
The Ashes 10th Jul 1975
The Ashes 29th Nov 1974
Prudential Trophy 31st Aug 1974
Prudential Trophy 13th Jul 1974
The Wisden Trophy 2nd Feb 1974
Prudential Trophy 5th Sep 1973
The Wisden Trophy 26th Jul 1973
Prudential Trophy 18th Jul 1973
Prudential Trophy 24th Aug 1972
The Ashes 8th Jun 1972
The Ashes 27th Nov 1970
The Wisden Trophy 12th Jun 1969
The Ashes 6th Jun 1968
The Wisden Trophy 19th Jan 1968
The Wisden Trophy 2nd Jun 1966
The Ashes 10th Dec 1965
The Ashes 4th Jun 1964
The Wisden Trophy 6th Jun 1963
The Ashes 30th Nov 1962
The Ashes 8th Jun 1961
The Ashes 5th Dec 1958
The Ashes 7th Jun 1956
The Ashes 26th Nov 1954
The Ashes 11th Jun 1953
The Ashes 1st Dec 1950
The Ashes 10th Jun 1948
The Ashes 29th Nov 1946
The Ashes 10th Jun 1938
The Ashes 4th Dec 1936
The Ashes 8th Jun 1934
The Ashes 2nd Dec 1932
The Ashes 13th Jun 1930
The Ashes 30th Nov 1928
The Ashes 12th Jun 1926
The Ashes 19th Dec 1924
The Ashes 28th May 1921
The Ashes 17th Dec 1920
Triangular Series 27th May 1912
The Ashes 24th Jun 1912
The Ashes 15th Dec 1911
The Ashes 27th May 1909
The Ashes 13th Dec 1907
The Ashes 29th May 1905
The Ashes 11th Dec 1903
The Ashes 29th May 1902
The Ashes 13th Dec 1901
The Ashes 1st Jun 1899
The Ashes 13th Dec 1897
The Ashes 22nd Jun 1896
The Ashes 14th Dec 1894
The Ashes 17th Jul 1893
The Ashes 1st Jan 1892
The Ashes 21st Jul 1890
The Ashes 16th Jul 1888
The Ashes 10th Feb 1888
The Ashes 28th Jan 1887
The Ashes 5th Jul 1886
The Ashes 12th Dec 1884
The Ashes 10th Jul 1884
The Ashes 30th Dec 1882
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